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Cement kiln disposal of solid hazardous waste has these advantages

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Cement kiln disposal of solid hazardous waste has these advantages

Issue Time:2019-11-09
This year the third world cement conference 2019 and the second global climate change BBS opened in Shanghai, China. Li yeqing, CEO of huaxin cement co., LTD., made a report on the topic of collaborative disposal of solid wastes and hazardous wastes in cement kilns.

Li yeqing pointed out that there are several advantages in the cooperative disposal of cement kilns. The first is harmless treatment. In the kiln line of collaborative disposal of municipal solid waste and sludge, the key to control the heavy metal content of clinker is to control the type and amount of raw materials containing heavy metals. The second is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, using alternative fuels to reduce the use of fossil fuels; Co-treatment of cement kilns also reduces methane emissions from landfills, which account for about 60 percent of landfill emissions and have 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

In addition, li described the status quo and development of cooperative disposal of cement kilns in China, as well as the status quo of cooperative disposal of conch and huaxin.

Finally, li yeqing gives some Suggestions on the problems existing in the cooperative disposal of cement. The cement kiln has been proved to be suitable for solid waste disposal, which is even better than traditional incineration in many cases. Appropriate technical and management measures can ensure environmental safety and meet the environmental protection standards for the discharge of various harmful gases, without affecting the quality of clinker and the operation rate of the cement kiln system. Under the background that resource and environmental problems increasingly highlight the constraints on global sustainable development, the cement industry in various countries is actively pursuing green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Vigorously carrying out collaborative disposal of cement kilns can not only reduce the pollution emission of the industry itself, but also expand the scope of the industry, provide external waste disposal services, and develop the cement industry into a green and environmentally friendly functional industry.
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