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Anhui province, China's first ultra-low emission cement enterprises

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Anhui province, China's first ultra-low emission cement enterprises

Issue Time:2019-11-08
Xiangshan cement co., LTD., huaihai industrial group, adheres to the concept of green development, takes the initiative to solve problems of green development, actively implements the technical transformation project of ultra-low emission of air pollutants, improves the comprehensive treatment ability of ecological environment, boosts the high-quality development of the enterprise, and contributes to the transformation and rise of huaibei city.

Xiangshan cement to the new era new requirements, the establishment of environmental protection leading group, clear division of labor, joint management. We will strictly implement the "three simultaneity" system for environmental protection and work out contingency plans for environmental emergencies. We formulated and promulgated the on-site inspection and assessment system for environmental protection, and incorporated environmental protection into market-based wages, rewards and punishments. Improve the operation management system of environmental protection facilities to ensure the complete and synchronous operation rate of environmental protection equipment and facilities.

In the past two years, the company focused on the organized emission treatment and transformation of air pollutants, and became the first cement industry in the province to achieve ultra-low emission enterprises. The dust removal process has been comprehensively upgraded to meet the industry's ultra-low emission standards. To sulfur dioxide key treatment, add containing desulfurization catalyst process spare parts; According to the dust concentration and gas temperature of the system, the method of spraying ammonia water in the position of high temperature fan is adopted. Choose high calorific value and low sulfur coal. Nitrogen oxide was treated by low nitrogen stage combustion denitrification. Accurately control and optimize the ratio of coal content in the kiln, control the production of nitrogen oxide from the source, and adopt the combustion control technology of separating materials and coal in the decomposing furnace to achieve the denitrification efficiency of over 60%. According to the smoke composition test results, the ammonia water injection point was adjusted to optimize the ammonia spraying denitrification system, and the ammonia dosage could be reduced by nearly 30% while the emission index was reduced.

Not only invested 50 million yuan for ultra-low emissions transformation, the company also science as a whole kiln stop environmental change and the enterprise production efficiency, the relationship between three clinker production line, in time for more than 15 days or so, through the determination of concentration of dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, 65%, 75%, 75% lower than the national standards, respectively, dust emissions about 170 tons a year, nearly 1400 tons of about 150 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. According to monitoring, in September, the city's total air nitrogen oxide decreased, the air quality improved significantly.

Xiangshan cement also fully controls the disorganized emission of dust in the production site. It invested more than 80 million yuan to carry out comprehensive sealing and dust collection transformation on the raw material heap shed, belt gallery shelf, clinker bulk, cement bag and other parts, and set spraying dust removal equipment and facilities at the dust production point to solve the problem of dust discharge and dust collection. The environmental protection mine transportation special mining car and the drilling hole loading special equipment were replaced to control the mine mining and transportation open dust emission problem. Trucks can only enter and leave the factory after being washed and covered, and they are strictly controlled to enter the factory during the air quality warning. Purchase and match garbage sweeper, sprinkler, fog cannon, dynamic cleaning, vacuuming, sprinkling, effectively ensure the factory and surrounding environmental sanitation continuous improvement.

While gradually improving environmental protection facilities, the company invested 30 million yuan to vigorously carry out afforestation, road hardening, construction and beautification activities. Plant more than 3,000 trees, green new area of more than 30,000 square meters, road hardening more than 40,000 square meters, structure corrosion more than 10,000 square meters, the building painting beautification more than 30,000 square meters. We will strictly control the recycling of production wastewater and domestic sewage after treatment to achieve zero discharge. At the same time, with an investment of 12 million yuan, under the comprehensive improvement of professional companies, the noise in the factory boundary reached the national second-class standard, which greatly improved the quality of the ecological environment inside and around the company, and achieved outstanding results, winning unanimous praise from employees and nearby residents.
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