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Miwangda Company has been engaged in cement industry and cement packaging industry for decades since 1990s. Now, with the accelerated development of the industry, Miwangda is unwilling to stop, but to lead the team to the world.

With the 30 years of reform and opening up in China, factory-based production with single service no longer meets the ever-renewing market demand. However, traditional factories have large volume and overstaffed internal management system, which leads to long service cycle and low service flexibility, and it is difficult to adapt to the flexible changes of market demand. In order to adapt to this change, we have established Miwangda Company, a packaging scheme planning company with paper bags as the core products. The company team has their own strengths in their respective fields, engaged in cement clinker, building materials, cement packaging bags and other one-stop services, providing customers with the most thoughtful packaging design services, but also able to complete the most compact production requirements. Strive to make the service perfect.

The manufacturer has three German W&H fully automatic multi-purpose new composite packaging bags production line. W&H fully automatic multi-purpose new composite packaging bag production line with its advanced technology, excellent performance, efficient production efficiency (330-360 bags per minute), and excellent and stable product quality and efficient automation level, is in the leading position in the same industry.

Dedicated to the research and production of paper bag packaging is the cornerstone of Miwangda's development. In this field, our production expertise and 12 years of market experience, therefore, we continue to design efficient packaging solutions according to market changes.

Pioneering products in the industry: two-layer extensible paper microporous 50kg cement packaging bags

Customer-specific packaging: multi-layer stretchable paper with lining film building materials packaging bags

To meet customer demand for packaging and printing: 7-colour independent printing press, 5-colour integrated packaging and bag making machine

Fully automatic stacking machine for finished packing bags

Rich experience in trade services in domestic and foreign markets

Not so. We know that only by getting the recognition of our products from our customers can we better serve the public. Only by doing well in our products and services, can our customers give us trust. We like to make friends with foreign friends who come in with everyone. Only by listening to the needs of friends and improving the shortcomings of factories can we achieve a win-win situation. Miwangda welcomes you to discuss business opportunities.
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